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Maximize Management, Inc. is proud to be celebrating its
10th Year of providing executive management consulting
services to help businesses owners/executives grow their
business to the next level.


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If you lack a full suite of senior executives and need short, long term or interim help in any discipline or market segment contact us.

  • We ensure a company’s investors/owners know the company’s true results by implementing critical processes and controls.
  • The Maximize Team will create the company’s profitability strategy by developing a three to five year business plan.
  • We Drive performance and growth by leveraging Maximize’s capabilities and connections.
  • You benefit from the Maximize team’s experience and expertise which covers several market segments and nearly all management disciplines.
  • We offer the combination of business experience driving performance improvements, access to capital sources, and — most importantly — the commitment to build a business with exit strategies. Let us help you maximize your benefits if you are acquiring or planning an exit strategy.

When an established business needs help, turn to Maximize Management, Inc. You can count on our expertise and energy to ensure the business has an outstanding future and that your capital investment will have a high rate of return. Our goal is for every client to know they received great value for the services we provide; therefore, we offer creative compensation solutions customized to each client’s needs.

Expect Results...

Successfully led the turnaround of a $5B retail division. Revenues improved by $500M in an 18-month period of time, this was in conjunction with a .5 basis point improvement in margins due to improved added value selling and operating expense cutting. Overall shrink decreased by $33M over the prior year. This overall improvement led to the first profitable fiscal year by the Fortune 200 company in 5 years.
Our client was a privately held manufacturing company with both direct and OEM sales in serious financial distress due to losing 56% of its gross revenue when its largest OEM customer was acquired by a large multinational company. The solution required moving from a 200,000 sq ft facility into a 60,000 sq ft facility. The process included restructuring the management of the company and all the departments. In the reorganization process, field maintenance went from losing money to generating 23% of the company’s net profit. We closed this turnaround with the sale of the company at 8.4 times earnings.

About Us

We all know companies that are always putting out fires of one description or another. Causes are varied; Financial Distress, Rapid growth, No Growth, Market Changes, Loss of a key person, etc.

Once a company starts reacting to events it finds more and more reactions taking place, fact of the matter is without intervention these reactions become more frequent and larger and result in financial failure of the company.Maximize Management was formed to help companies going through such reactive problems. We know that thousands of companies find themselves in situations where events happen that are beyond their control or where nothing is happening and they need immediate bridge management to help develop a permanent solution.Whether the situation requires a whole team for turning around a financially distressed company or just need help in a certain discipline, our team of seasoned senior executives can help. We have CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s, CIO’s, VP Marketing, VP Sales, VP Logistics, VP Manufacturing, VP Engineering, VP Quality Assurance, etc.