About us

We all know companies that are always putting out fires of one description or another. Causes are varied; Financial Distress, Rapid growth, No Growth, Market Changes, Loss of a key person, etc.Once a company starts reacting to events it finds more and more reactions taking place, fact of the matter is without intervention these reactions become more frequent and larger and result in financial failure of the company.

Maximize Management was formed to help companies going through such reactive problems. We know that thousands of companies find themselves in situations where events happen that are beyond their control or where nothing is happening and they need immediate bridge management to help develop a permanent solution.

Whether the situation requires a whole team for turning around a financially distressed company or just need help in a certain discipline, our team of seasoned senior executives can help. We have CEO's, CFO's, COO's, CIO's, VP Marketing, VP Sales, VP Logistics, VP Manufacturing, VP Engineering, VP Quality Assurance, etc.Maximize Management has experience in a variety of industries and will accept assignments where our expertise will add value. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

Expect Results…

  • A privately held technology company’s sales were floundering. After an in depth evaluation, the management team was replaced and we began restructuring the company. We outsourced manufacturing which reduced COGS by 41% and kept both hardware and software engineering in house. Excess inventory was discounted and most of the manufacturing equipment was sold. Enhancements were added to the product line and new markets were targeted. In under a year we increased revenue 77% and net profit was at 9% from (37% loss). We closed this turnaround with the sale of the company at 6 times earnings.
  • Led home health care entrepreneurial company from startup through eventual merger two years later.

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