Financial Management

A Robust system of Financial and Operational controls alert Leadership of strategic shifts that are developing… forward looking signals. Signals that flash developing changes reflected in key drivers of the business:

  • Shift in Customer Ordering Patterns
  • Customer Mix
  • Product Mix
  • Customer Payment Patterns
  • Competitive Pressures
  • Order Cancellation Rates
  • Ballooning Inventories
  • Production Inefficiencies
  • Etc.

Typically shifts in the key business drivers do not hit the radar screen until product margin pressure shows up in the Financial Statements…long after the fact. Now its scramble time, crisis management time and the all too familiar “fire fighting” reactions begin.
Maximize Management knows from experience that for Business Controls to be useful or Robust, they need to focus on key business drivers that signal an early warning. Traditionally, Business Controls were viewed by the accountants as a system of internal control that safeguarded the assets of the business and not very useful beyond that.
Robust Business Controls are dynamic not static, ever changing with conditions in the market and within the business. Leadership must plan and establish expectations that center on key business drivers:

  • Marketing and Sales Goals
  • Pricing Decisions
  • Cash Flow
  • Production Goals
  • Inventory Levels
  • Financial Targets
  • Growth Strategies

The Maximize Management Team is well adept in the planning and control process and has seasoned Executives from every discipline.

Expect Results

  • Took a privately held VC backed specialty wax manufacturing company with $50 MM in revenue with losses in the low 7 digits annually through restructuring under chapter 11. Our workout team replaced key management and built the business through both organic growth and acquisitions into a $350 MM, highly profitable organization over a three year period. We closed this turnaround with the sale of the business to a fortune 100 company at 13 times earnings.