Human Resources

Maximize Management firmly believes that a company’s greatest asset is its employees. Maximizing the business’ return on this most valuable asset in an “effective, legal, fair, and consistent manner” is the responsibility of the HR Manager, or the business’ equivalent.
Maximize Management’s Executives have the expertise and hands on experience in developing and managing the following HR processes:

  1. Hiring and Firing
  2. Managing Relations (Union / Non-Union)
  3. HR Legal and Ethics Compliance
  4. Organizational Design
  5. Maintaining the Business’ Core Values
  1. Providing Competitive Salaries
  2. Administering Competitive Salaries
  3. Employee Performance and Discipline Policy
  4. Promotion Policy

Our team of seasoned Executives will evaluate the business’ HR policies for compliance and work with the management team to implement the staffing, processes and controls to ensure compliance and provide interim HR Management as required.
Poor communications across a business causes underperformance within a department or even the failure of a company. Sometimes it is the organization structure that gets in the way of valued employees trying desperately to do a good job. Maximize Management’s team of Executives have extensive experience in organizational design and restructuring and the ability to recognize this real barrier to a company’s success.

Expect Results

  • The project for this Fortune 200 Company was to design, develop and implement a national HR policy. The strategy of developing a region by region HR plan to reduce Mgt turnover, reduce churn and to identify and recruit both in-house and recruited talent. These HR improvements led to a 15% reduction in management hours and 20% reduction in turnover nationally. This also allowed each region and district to plan effectively and efficiently for any future HR needs.
  • Achieved grievance reductions of 50% while transitioning the workforce to high performance and empowered work teams. This was significant given the strong unionized labor force with long standing costly and inefficient work rules. This was also during the time when labor unions’ across the US were continuing to experience a significant decline in numbers.