An analysis of manufacturing processes offer, perhaps, the greatest opportunity for savings as manufacturing generally expends the larger proportion of a business’ capital and resources.

¬†Maximize Management’s manufacturing Executives excel in the implementation of world class processes and controls to:

  • Reduce Manufacturing costs
  • Improve Efficiencies
  • Improve Quality
  • Increase Production Capacity
  • Improve Safety Performance

Maximize Management Executives’ are trained and have successfully implemented best practices that include:

  • LEAN
  • VSM (Value Stream Mapping)
  • Kaizen
  • 5S
  • Six Sigma
  • Organizational Design and Restructuring
  • Establishing measurable KPIs with clear accountabilities

Maximize Management works closely with your management team and personnel to identify the most critical areas for improvement. We will perform a detailed analysis, develop a plan for sustainable improvement and install key manufacturing metrics to track performance and user friendly reporting systems.
Whether a small ($5M-$50M) to mid-size ($50M-$500M) business or a Fortune 100 global manufacturing company, Maximize Management can help achieve manufacturing excellence.

Expect Results…

  • The Organizational Design project evaluated the effectiveness of the plant to meet customers’ needs in the most cost efficient manner. By conducting a thorough analysis of the organizational structure and each position’s responsibilities, we were able to eliminate duplication of efforts, eliminate non-value added work, and redistribute responsibilities to improve efficiencies and reduce production and service cycle times. The organization was restructured to drive employee empowerment. The decision process was simplified by removing obstacles (i.e. layers of management) and improving communications. Clear expectations and decision parameters were set, and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) were established thereby enabling the company to monitor and sustain its performance improvements. Through the combined efforts of cross sectional teams, realized over $20M in cost reductions over five years for the industrial park with multiple Fortune 500 tenants.
  • Project included the operations’ guidance in the design review and approval, construction, commissioning and startup of a multi-million dollar chemical manufacturing unit as well as the construction of the international containers used in the transport of the hazardous material. Unit successfully started up on time and within budget.