No matter what the business situation (distressed, transitional or rapidly growing), a business must continually examine its marketing plans and measure performance against these plans and ask the tough questions.

  • Are margins being maintained?
  • Are market share goals being met?
  • Is the customer base growing or being eroded by competition?
  • If there is erosion, what is causing the erosion?
  • Are all market opportunities being met?
  • Are the product offerings keeping up with the market dynamics?
  • Etc.

Let Maximize Management examine the situation, answer the tough questions and help develop an effective marketing plan.

Expect Results

Led a cross functional team of a big box retailer to develop and implement a highly successful tracking and measuring sales system. The system allowed Store, District and Regional leaders to monitor added value selling at the category and sub-category levels. The result was $40M sales improvement in these highly profitable categories.