Purchasing plays a key role in assuring the cost efficient, timely and uninterrupted supply of raw materials and services to support the business. Does this sound familiar?

  • Manufacturing is certain it ordered the material, but can’t find the “hand written” request.
  • Sales just placed a very large order for a standard product at the usual price of $140/unit. Last month, the vendor’s raw material price doubled and the increase was not communicated to Sales. The business must now take a significant loss or lose the customer. This is not the first time this has happened.
  • The business is routinely running out of raw materials and no one seems to know why?
  • Supplier A went out of business unannounced. The business is now scrambling to find an alternate source!
  • A disconnect between suppliers, the business, and the customers is resulting in each “partner” working to maximize its own profits at the others’ expense.

Maximize Management’s expertise in win-win vendor contract negotiations, efficient purchasing processes and controls and years of Executive oversight can turnaround a company struggling to get its material costs in line or that is losing sales due to an unreliable supply of materials and services. We will analyze the business’ purchasing and procurement processes and supporting ERP software. We will implement solutions that will ensure purchasing dollars are spent wisely and that controls are in place to sustain the savings with the focus firmly on customer satisfaction.