“I’ve worked with William De Temple for more than five years as a fellow member of a CEO round table, then as a member of his corporate advisory board. William is a rare breed of business people, capable of hatching and nurturing great ideas that turn into great enterprises. There are few individuals you’ll ever meet with more determination to get the job done, the vision realized, the customer satisfied and anxious for more.”

Dave Berkus
Managing Partner
Kodiak Ventures, L.P.

“Bob Walker is a very strong leader, mentor and developer of people. He is results oriented and holds his team accountable for achieving high standards. His track record for producing results is excellent! He is an excellent senior operations leader.”

John Froman
President and CEO
Namco Pool and Supply

“I have worked closely with Ron Kiyohiro for more than eight (8) years in the development and execution of a corporate Marketing & Sales strategy. Ron not only had the expertise to develop a path to success, but was instrumental in the execution of that plan. He is steadfast, dependable, and result oriented.”

Charles V. Presti
Retex, Inc.

“Wayne is very skilled in Management principles. He is extremely “Safety First” oriented taking a work group with the highest Injury record and in short order, turned it around to have the “Best” safety record. He is very much a people person and has excellent skills in handling all aspects of managing people. He is detail specific. He was responsible for a multi-million dollar budget and always met or came in under budget. I highly recommend Wayne Dicken.”

Michael Gandee
Operations Leader
Bayer Crop Science

“Keith worked for Caribbean Jack’s Restaurant for 3 years. He was instrumental in both developing and executing the business plan from the inception of the business culminating in over $4.1 million of restaurant sales. Keith demonstrated effective leadership, guiding four managers, two chefs and a sales and marketing manager to a high level of excellence.

Keith helped the restaurant and marina navigate through the challenging early years of our new business, offering advice, and a steady confident hand in his decision making process. Keith is a good planner and has used his different experience to allow a unique perspective to each opportunity or situation. Keith would be an asset to any business with his vast experiences and numerous successes.”

Deb Lyonnais
Carribean Jack’s Restaurant and Marina

“I have sat across the table from William De Temple as a senior lender during complex negotiations. My experience is that William is a tireless, tenacious turnaround specialist with excellent communication and listening skills, and that he puts his fiduciary duty to his shareholders and stakeholders above all else.”

Dr. Jonathan P. Knight
CTI Capital Management

“Bob Walker always demonstrated strong leadership dimensions. Bob was extremely successful in providing strategy, direction and focus to the team. His results were consistently outstanding and consequently, he was asked to take on the very challenging assignments. In addition to the results he achieved with his team he was also recognized as valuable on cross functional teams. The success he enjoyed fueled the promotions and recognition which followed. Overall strengths in planning, organizing, communicating and follow up were some of the key components leading to his success. Overall, an extremely talented executive.”

Mark Arensmeyer
Vice President Human Resources Stores
Circuit City Stores Inc.

“Ron Kiyohiro’s broad business experience and interpersonal skills have shown him to be a true professional and very effective in communicating at all levels in complex organizational environments. Having known Ron for many years I can attest to his skills in building long term relationships and it is always a pleasure working with him.”

Richard Longview, CMC
Founder & Senior Consultant

“I’ve worked with William on several projects and have found him to be straightforward and very determined in his drive to get goals accomplished. He has strong management skills and the ability to get things done quickly. William has an uncanny ability to drive the process forward and demand progress from those holding the process up!”

C. Russell Slappey, CPA
Managing Partner
Nperspective, LLC
CFO and Controller Services

“Wayne has an amazing ability to take on challenging tasks simultaneously and produce quality results despite deadline pressures. Wayne is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. His communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. In fact, let me unequivocally state my strong recommendation for Wayne; he is truly a person that I admire.”

George Farris
Director of Management Engineering
Charleston Area Medical Center in Charleston, WV

“Bob Walker is an effective leader who understood the business very well. I always had a solid working relationship and Bob worked well with my group.”

Gary Mierenfeld
Wickes Furniture

“I worked with Ron Kiyohiro for over ten years in a previous business relationship. His business expertise and excellent communication skills were critical to our success. Ron understands business from many different angles and provided knowledge and support critical to our needs. His attention to detail and follow-up were outstanding!”

Dave Abramson
Manager of Retail Operations
Hallmark Cards, Inc.

“While working with Mr. De Temple on a complex and difficult project, I found him to be a capable, competent, and seasoned executive who approached the task at hand with a tireless and positive approach. I would wholeheartedly recommend him in an executive management role.”

Wesley D Scovanner
Insurance Office of America, Inc.

“Bob Walker has incredible leadership, team building, mentoring, operations and execution skills. His uncanny ability to see the core business opportunity and align an organization to achieve determined goals is unparalleled. He is a skilled executive with a high level of integrity, work ethic and loyalty.”

Mike Froning
President / CEO
Floor and Decor Outlets of America, Inc.

“In an age where unprecedented levels of ego, greed and disregard for moral and ethical standards have taken center stage, William De Temple is a Team Leader and Corporate Builder with an unwavering belief in the value of Honor and Integrity. William is a man of boundless energy who attacks his goals through outstanding team building skills and leadership qualities.”

Edward Alvarez
Managing Director
WHB Capital Resources

“Bob had the awesome ability of being able to lead a large team of people and make each person feel individually valued as a strong member of his team. I am certain that each individual on his team would tell you that he made them a stronger, more effective leader than they ever thought they could be. Bob’s team was consistently recognized in the company for having the lowest associate and management turnover which was a true testament of his great leadership. When it came to the Human Resources role, Bob was always highly focused on people development. He ensured each recruited individual was trained with only the best of the best. Under Bob’s leadership – we all (Bob, District Managers, Loss Prevention and Human Resources) ensured we were highly involved in the development of the recruited individual. Each person who was selected to enter our training program (external and internal) was set up for success. As a result – Bob’s team had some of the lowest turnover numbers in the company and we had an awesome “bench” of highly trained candidates just waiting to be placed in a management position. Bob is such a powerful leader in all facets. On the interpersonal side, Bob was highly respected, as both a person and a professional, by co-workers, the managers under his direct supervision and employees in his region. based on my experience working with him, I can unreservedly recommend Bob Walker as a C-level executive. He will be a great asset to any organization.”

Christine Remm
Human Resources Manager
Circuit City Stores

“William DeTemple is a man of tireless enthusiasm for creative ideas and relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. William looks at obstacles as opportunities and supports developing the best in the people that associate with him. He demonstrates compassion for the common man without sacrificing high standards of performance.”

Pamela L. Scott
Retired Partner KPMG

“William De Temple is perhaps the most highly motivated, dogged senior manager I’ve ever encountered. His exceptional resilience, fortitude, energy, communications skills, and buoyant optimism have made him a dynamic entrepreneurial leader, and a great team player as well. William’s technical skills, voracious appetite for information, and sales talents add up to make him a valuable resource for all kinds of marketers of products and services. I can only wish our current revenues permitted us to add him to our staff. If your firm can, you are fortunate indeed.”

Mike Riley
Public Enterprise Group, Inc.

“I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with William in one of the companies he built. Never have I seen a man so self-driven and still able to have many great attributes. He is creative, strategic, knowledgeable, experienced and a people person. I am very lucky to have worked with such a talented person.”

Brad Bastyr
formerly VP-Finance for Unefi, Inc.

“William De Temple is a longtime valued friend, visionary and true entrepreneur. He has a most impressive track record in marketing a wide range of products throughout North America and Internationally. William has excelled at all levels of senior management including as President and CEO of corporations. He is a dynamic leader who has the unique ability to see marketing possibilities and with courage, skill and total commitment, he builds successful profitable companies.”

Bert Kennedy
Executive Development Services

“In the last ten years I have seen William work non-stop at building or expanding new businesses. He is a master at creating the business plan, then working with the people involved to execute it. In the world of finance he knows firms and people all across the country that can invest the money needed for sound business expansion. William’s cheerful attitude makes it a pleasure to work with him.”

Erland Peterson
CFP Author and Financial Advisor

“Bob Walker is a true leader in every way. He has an amazing ability to make the complex seem simple and his approach to teaching and motivating his team is world class. Where ever Bob has gone, top performance has followed. If I had to go to war, I would only want Bob as my leader.”

Dave Clark
District Manager
Circuit City Stores

“Bob is a motivating leader, mentor, and coach who genuinely cares about his people. He is passionate and driven to succeed, consistently achieving company leading results. Bob delivers a very clear vision and coaches his teams to execute the plan and win! He teaches you to focus on managing the inputs that will get you the outputs. Bob is an insightful disciplined operator who understands engagement with both customers and associates. He possesses great charisma and communication skills which create very loyal teams. Bob is an asset to any organization and can make an immediate impact in building high performing teams.”

Gil Vogler
District Manager
Circuit City

“Bob is an extraordinary leader that consistently produced the top results in the division. His performance set new standards across the company. His stores were typically the best at executing company goals and initiatives in the division. Bob’s skills at people development, coaching and mentoring were unsurpassed.”

Mark Ilderton
Home Service Stores

“Bob is a great team builder, communicator and visionary. He motivated those around him to achieve results. Bob also raised the competency levels of all who worked for him.”

Bob Hume
Store Director
Circuit City Stores

“Bob is a dynamic leader that establishes a vision and then identifies and develops leaders to execute that vision. Bob is both innovative and tireless in his approach to business opportunities.”

Rick Bass
Human Resource Director
Circuit City Stores

“Wayne is forward thinking, knowledgeable of the latest relevant production floor throughput improvement techniques, understands the importance of teams, understands the importance of employee training, understands the importance of having the right individuals in the right jobs, pleasant, a good listener, a team player, systematic in his approach, thorough, a strong leader, and passionate about his job.”

Ed Shrewsbury
Mechanical Advantage LLC

“Wayne has been an excellent mentor as he has worked in the capacity of Vice President of Operations. Wayne provided his expertise and skills contributing in numerous areas; most notable are directed the implementation of Intuitive ERP Shop Floor Control and Inventory control modules, introduced Lean Manufacturing work processes across the organization (Sales, Production, Shipping/Receiving, Purchasing and Installation), led the clean up in the ERP database that made it difficult to value inventory and create sound financials, introduced the rough draft and implemented safety procedures and directed Production’s quality improvement initiatives. I highly recommend Mr. Dicken as hard working, dedicated and results driven.”

Jose Ramirez
Production Manager
BPI International, Inc.

“Wayne Dicken has drive, determination, knowledge, experience and professionalism. He is the consummate professional with a strong work ethic and will attribute positively to the bottom line of any organization.”

Ben Polis
Executive Vice President
Voyager Careers

“I found Wayne extremely competent and enjoyable to work with. He was a key player in the implementation and validation of BPI’s ERP system, the definition of Business Management performance measures, and a leader in the successful application of Lean Manufacturing initiatives. In a word, he is bright, innovative, dependable, excellent communicator, and a true team player. Wayne is a great motivator and mentor. BPI employees were always inspired and prepared to meet new challenges because of his motivational style of management. Wayne makes everyone around him better.”

Harry Sy
Quality Assurance Director
BPI International, Inc.